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The 11 Best Jeep Tours in Wadi Rum (+12 Local Companies to Book With)

In a country full of wonders and bucket list experiences, is it any surprise that even the Jordanian desert – a place most people assume is barren and empty – can become magical? Wadi Rum, the large, protected desert area in southern Jordan, is a popular tourist spot, and there are many jeep tours in Wadi Rum to help you experience this expansive, stark landscape.

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On both of my trips to Jordan, I spent one night in Wadi Rum, and my stay included a jeep tour into the desert for sunset, as well as a camel ride the next morning. I loved the hot, dry air, the stunning colors of sunset, the tiny kittens I met at my Wadi Rum camp, and the stars wheeling overhead that night as I slept in a traditional Bedouin tent.

If you’re planning a stay in Wadi Rum and know you want to do a jeep tour, below you’ll find a list of what I consider to be the best jeep tours in Wadi Rum. I’ve also included a list of other Jordanian companies in Wadi Rum that offer jeep tours.

This post was originally published in June 2021, and was updated most recently in October 2023.

How I Chose Wadi Rum Jeep Tours for this List

Luckily, there are lots of local companies that offer this same experience and others who offer jeep tours in Wadi Rum as a day trip. Below, I’ve put together a list of the best jeep tours in Wadi Rum based on a few criteria.

  • First, I looked at the main, international booking platforms Viator and Get Your Guide. While you can certainly book directly with the Jordanian companies (I added links at the end of this post for all I could find websites for), I know many international travelers feel more comfortable using a website they know.
  • Then, I looked at the number of reviews and ratings each tour had received. Obviously, these numbers vary a lot based on internet algorithms but I kept in any tour that had five or more reviews – thinking those tours would have enough data points to reach a “consensus” about how good the tour actually is.
  • Finally, I looked at ratings (out of five stars) and included only those tours that had a 4-star rating or higher.

From all that reviewing and number crunching, I came up with this list of eleven fantastic Wadi Rum jeep tours. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with any of them, though they vary in length and what they include. Be sure to review each one to find the perfect jeep tours in Wadi Rum for your Jordan trip! (If you don’t see one you like, there are others with lower reviews or rating counts here.)

1. Half-Day Desert Tours in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Tours - Get Your Guide

One of the most popular Wadi Rum jeep tours on Viator (based on total reviews and score), this is a great option if you just want the one that other people have done and you know is going to be a good tour. 97% of past guests gave it a five-star rating, and the traveler photos in their tour gallery show how stunning the experience will be for you.

This four-hour tour will take you to the main sights and includes a canyon hike before watching the sunset (assuming you choose the afternoon tour, which is the same price and I highly recommend).

2. Full-Day ”Wadi Rum Highlights” Jeep Tour

Jeep Tours in Wadi Rum - Viator

If you’re looking for a full-day jeep tour in Wadi Rum, this one is your best bet. It’s highly rated and the traveler photos shared on Viator make it look like a ton of fun!

As you have a full day to explore Wadi Rum by 4×4, the common route includes stops at:

  1. Lawrence’s Springs
  2. Al Ramal Red Sand Dune
  3. Khazili Canyon
  4. Little Rock Bridge
  5. Lawrence’s House
  6. Mushroom Rock
  7. Burdah Rock Bridge
  8. Abu Khashaba Canyon
  9. Umm Fruth Rock Bridge
  10. White Desert

As well as a stop for lunch, which typically includes gallaya, hummus, tuna, Jordanian bread, and salad. Oh, and plenty of tea (as well as water) will be available throughout the day to help you stay hydrated in the desert.

3. 2-Hour Jeep Tour in Wadi Rum (from Aqaba)

Wadi Rum Tours - Get Your Guide

If you’re staying in Aqaba but have no other plans to visit Wadi Rum and are short on time, this jeep tour is a good option. The tour runs five hours in total – because it includes transfers to and from Aqaba to your two-hour jeep tour. It’s the shortest tour out there, so you won’t have a ton of time at Wadi Rum for hiking or watching the sunset. You will however have plenty of time to see the main sights and learn a bit about Bedouin life in the Jordanian desert.

4. Salem Wadi Rum Desert

One concern you might have in booking a jeep tour in Wadi Rum is your driver-guide. After all, the quality of your guide can make such a huge difference in whether you have a great tour or one you’d like a refund for.

Salem, a local Bedouin man, offers his own jeep tour in Wadi Rum, and it’s become popular enough to have its own name and make my list. Salem is known for his in-depth knowledge of the area, personality, and singing – yes, you’ll likely be treated to traditional Bedouin songs if you choose Salem as your guide.

Salem offers tours ranging from half-day (four hours) to full-day, so you can reach out to see what he’s offering.

5. 3-4 Hour Jeep Tour with Professional Guide

Wadi Rum Tours - Viator

Here’s another mid-length option for you; this 3-4 hour jeep tour in Wadi Rum has a traditional Bedouin driver who will show you the main sights of the desert, plus take a break with you for tea and shisha during your tour. Like most tours, you can sit in the converted back of the jeep to enjoy the scenery in every direction.

6. Half-Day “Wadi Rum Images” Jeep Tour

Wadi Rum Tours - Viator

For another half-day tour, consider this one which I believe is offered by the same provider as the full-day “Wadi Rum Highlights” tour that took the #2 spot on this list.

This four-hour tour visits many of the top sights and formations in Wadi Rum, including Lawrence’s Springs, Al Ramal Red Sand Dune, Khazili Canyon, and others. Note that this is a morning-only tour though, so it doesn’t include lunch or a sunset view; it is well-rated if your Jordan itinerary necessitates a morning jeep tour in Wadi Rum.

7. Full-Day Wadi Rum Desert Tour Experience

Wadi Rum Tours - Get Your Guide

For another full-day jeep tour option, this “Wadi Rum Experience” is one to consider. It’s a 7-8 hour tour that sets out from Wadi Rum Village (like most of the other tours on this list) and takes you to see the most popular rock formations in Wadi Rum. Your driver-guide, Ali, consistently receives rave reviews and will be good company over the cooked lunch you’ll enjoy together during a midday break.

8. Best of Wadi Rum 2-Day Tour

Wadi Rum Tours - Viator

So far, I’ve only covered day tours of Wadi Rum – but there are also some multi-day jeep tours in Wadi Rum. If you’re looking for that kind of option, this all-inclusive tour gives you two days to really immerse yourself in the “Red Desert” including an overnight in the provider’s desert camp. All meals are included, as well as your English-speaking guide who will show you the wonders of Wadi Rum.

9. Full-Day Desert Tour, Jeep & Hiking

Jeep Tours in Wadi Rum

The 6-8 hour tour is offered by Wadi Rum Magic Tours (listed below if you want to book directly) and has gotten great reviews for the various guides that work for the company. In addition to jeep touring to see rock formations in Wadi Rum, this tour also includes ample time for hiking in the desert, as well as a prepared lunch meal.

10. Wadi Rum: Unesco Guided Jeep Tour & Drink

Wadi Rum Tours from Petra - Sandboarding

If flexibility is your main concern, this 8-hour tour should get your attention. The company offers multiple convenient tour times – you can choose between a morning or afternoon tour. The meeting point is at the Wadi Rum Rest House. In this tour, you’ll visit lots of the landmarks of Wadi Rum. Your guide will explain their significance and make you delicious tea on the side of a sand dune. 

11. Wadi Rum Cave Camping with Jeep Tour

Wadi Rum Jeep Tours - Camp

Finally, I have one last tour to share; this one combines a jeep tour with camping in a cave in the desert. This half-day tour promises to take you to explore Wadi Rum in authentic Bedouin style. You’ll visit 7 locations. After your tour, your guide will take you to a cave to watch the most amazing sunset. It doesn’t end there. Your guide will also cook you a traditional Bedouin dinner to crown the experience.

Local Jordanian Companies Offering Jeep Tours in Wadi Rum

If you’d rather book directly with a local Jordanian company – some of whom are the providers of the tours listed above – I’ve pulled together a list of all the local Jordanian companies in Wadi Rum that offer jeep tours. These are a great option if you’re aiming to travel sustainably and ensure your dollars go into the local economy

  1. Real Bedouin Experience Day Tours & Camp
  2. Wadi Rum Day Tours
  3. Wadi Rum Desert Dreams
  4. Wadi Rum Desert Eyes
  5. Wadi Rum Jeep Tours
  6. Wadi Rum Magic Tours
  7. Wadi Rum Miracles
  8. Wadi Rum Nature Tours
  9. Wadi Rum Nomads
  10. Wadi Rum Stillness
  11. Wadi Rum Zain Tours
  12. Wild Wadi Rum

Almost all of these companies offer multiple jeep tours in Wadi Rum, ranging from half-day and day tours to overnight and multi-day options. I recommend researching a few to see the options in case the Wadi Rum jeep tours I mentioned above didn’t sound perfect for your bucket list Jordan trip.

Have any other questions about these jeep tours in Wadi Rum? Let me know in the comments!

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I fell in love with Jordan after my first visit in 2016; now I love returning to explore more – and writing guides to help you do the same.


  • ofek

    I want to have 4 nights tour by jeep 4X4 from Aqaba to Beit Shean
    I am looking for a guide and somone to help me build this tour. may you help me please?
    Thank you,

  • Suleiman Khader

    Dear Valerie!

    I really like your website and am glad that you had a great experience here in Wadi Rum. I want to let you know that my company, Stars with Suleiman, also offers amazing jeep tours and was wondering if you could list it in this article.
    That would be really kind.
    Esht (thank you in Bedouin)!!! :)

    – Suleiman

  • Nafiza

    Hi Valerie,
    I am visiting Jordan in November and have been comptemplating on whether I should rent a car. Let’s say I do rent a car but I want to stay a night in Wadi Rum Dessert and use a touring guide where would I park my car?

    • JT Headshot New


      Thanks for reading, Nafiza. It depends on which Wadi Rum camp you choose but some allow you to drive and park at the camp. You would need to decide where you’re staying first and then asking them where you can park your car.

    • JT Headshot New


      Hi, Joe – I don’t think so. As Wadi Rum is a protected area (kind of like a National Park), it is regulated and I don’t believe you can drive off-trail with your own vehicle.

  • Elaine Brown

    We were just in Wadi Rum on an organized tour from a cruise ship. The vehicles used were unsafe not to mention dangerous. Tires were bald, two lug nuts instead of five, stools that broke when guests stepped on them so they went through and fell onto the ground and rocks! Drivers who thought they were dune bashers instead and drive with no regard to the unfortunate passengers sitting in the bed of the truck, clinging on for dear life. Cannot recommend risking life and limb with these Bedouins running the tours in Wadi Rum

  • Linda Sz.

    Hello Valerie,

    Are you familiar with any tour including Aqaba hotel pickup in the package?
    I will not rent a car and as I saw in most of the tours the meeting point is in the Wadi Rum tourist center but I would need to get there somehow…

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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