11 Jordan Dead Sea Products You Can Order Online

The Dead Sea is one of the main tourist attractions in Jordan. In fact, it is the #1 reason I wanted to visit Jordan, and was on my bucket list for many years before my first visit. The magical feeling of floating easily in the highly saline water, plus the chance to relax and unwind near this fascinating natural feature was all very tempting to me… And then I learned about Jordan Dead Sea products!

10 Days in Jordan - Valerie Floating in the Dead Sea

From face masks and lotions to salt scrubs made from the salt left after the water evaporates, there are incredible products made from Jordan’s Dead Sea. Where they were once difficult to purchase if you weren’t in Jordan, you can now find Jordan Dead Sea products available online. Here are 10 of the best Jordan Dead Sea products to inspire you to treat yourself or give them as a gift.

This post was originally published in May 2021, and was updated most recently in April 2023.

1. Dead Sea Bath Salts

Of all the Jordan Dead Sea products you might want to try, the first one is often the salt itself! The most common form of Dead Sea salt is as bath salts, which you can add to a bath to help make your own little Dead Sea at home. This salt will help exfoliate and smooth your skin, just like the Dead Sea does in Jordan itself.

A number of companies sell Dead Sea bath salts since they’re a popular product; these include Dead Sea Treasures and Trinitae (my personal favorite!).

2. Dead Sea Mineral Bath Bombs

If you really love taking a bath, bath salts aren’t your only option; Trinitae also makes a fizzy bath bomb (bath ball) with Dead Sea minerals (including salt) in it. They come in a number of colors, and all feature a blend of essential oils from the Sensation collection.

3. Dead Sea Mineral Bath Bubbles

There’s nothing quite like a great bubble bath; there are also Dead Sea products for that! Dead Sea Treasures makes a Dead Sea mineral-rich bubble bath that you can use sparingly to make your bath transport you to the shores of the Dead Sea.

Jordan Products - Woman Floating in the Dead Sea
Dead Sea salt. A woman lying on the surface of the Dead Sea. In the background the mountains of Jordan.

4. Dead Sea Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner

Jordan Dead Sea products aren’t limited to those you can add to your bath – as you’ll see, the rest of this list covers products that work from head to toe!

Starting out, there are a few options for shampoos and conditioners that use Dead Sea minerals. These vary in terms of what they use from the Dead Sea, the scents and uses, and other chemicals added. But they are all made by Jordanian companies, so you can browse and purchase knowing you’re supporting local businesses; the only one I could find that sold its products on line was Dead Sea Treasures, which offers shampoo.

I saw other Dead Sea products companies that sold shampoo and conditioner but couldn’t verify if they were using Dead Sea ingredients, so I didn’t include them on this list!

5. Dead Sea Mud Hair Mask

For an extra level of hair care, you could also try doing a Dead Sea mud hair mask. These are intense – be prepared for the time it will take to wash out the product after you use it. But it’s worth it, as Dead Sea mud helps reduce scalp irritation and dandruff, plus cleans and softens hair. Dead Sea Treasures offers the only mud hair mask I could find.

6. Dead Sea Mud Soap

Speaking of Dead Sea mud, you might be more open to using it on your skin. Loads of companies make Jordan Dead Sea products with mud you can apply to your skin (including facial mud, which I mention below); I prefer to use a mud soap instead, as it’s a bit less messy and intense at home. (After all, you can’t just go hop in the Dead Sea to wash it off!)

Tons of companies offer Dead Sea mud soap: Dead Sea Treasures and Trinitae are all good options; Trinitae in particular offers lots of options.

7. Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

In addition to using bath salts for soaking, Dead Sea salts are also commonly used in body scrubs to exfoliate and freshen your skin. This is definitely one of the most popular forms of Jordan Dead Sea products that people enjoy using while in Jordan and want to bring home. Luckily, because these products are popular, you have lots of options!

Dead Sea Treasures and Trinitae also all sell Dead Sea salt body scrub products. They have different scents too, so be sure to check that as you compare products.

Jordan Products - Group Floating in the Dead Sea

8. Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion

Dead Sea mineral lotion was the first of these Jordan Dead Sea products I tried, and I absolutely fell in love. In fact, I liked it so much that my husband had to work hard to find me a larger bottle online when I ran out of the tiny hotel sample size I had brought home. In the end, he purchased it from Trinitae, and we restocked up during our trip to Amman in 2023. They still offer that original lotion formula (in a new bottle), so you can buy the exact one that I fell in love with.

Dead Sea Treasures sells Dead Sea mineral body lotion too.

9. Dead Sea Water Body Butter

For an even more intense moisturizer, you can go for body butter. I generally love these kinds of products, though I haven’t ever tried one with Dead Sea water. Yes, you read that right!

In addition to Dead Sea minerals, the body butter by Dead Sea Treasures uses Dead Sea water instead of normal water. That means it adds extra minerals to help make the body butter even more nourishing for your skin.

10. Dead Sea Water

Speaking of Dead Sea water, it’s such a powerful experience for your skin, you can use it on its own. Dead Sea Treasures also sells bottles of Dead Sea water (admittedly, more expensive than a bottle of regular water), but they claim it’s great for purifying and clarifying your skin. As the bottle says though, this isn’t water you can drink; it’s meant for external use to make you glow on the outside, not from the inside out!

11. Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

Finally, I’m ending on one of the other super popular Jordan Dead Sea products: mud facial masks.

While using Dead Sea mud on your body is a powerful way to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, you might wonder if it’s too intense for delicate facial skin. The reality is that many people use Dead Sea mud on their faces when visiting the Dead Sea itself, but it is a very abrasive product to use that way. Instead, you can purchase a more delicate, finer Dead Mud facial mask product to use at home.

Dead Sea Treasures and Trinitae offer facial mud masks.

And there you have it – 11 incredible Jordan Dead Sea products you can purchase online and enjoy at home. All of these will allow you to transport yourself to the shores of Jordan’s Dead Sea for a moment of calm and self-care.

Have questions about any of these products? Would you be interested in this site selling these products directly? Let me know in the comments!

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I fell in love with Jordan after my first visit in 2016; now I love returning to explore more – and writing guides to help you do the same.


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    I too visited Jordan for the first time in April 2023. I fell in love with Jordan. We stopped in a store filled with products from the Dead Sea. It was near Temptation Gallery Gifts on Mount of Temptation. I’m having trouble locating the name to find the website to reorder some products I purchased. You may know the area I am talking about. Would you know the name of the store? Thank you for this post

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