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Jordan Weather in March: A Quick Guide

Planning a trip to Jordan in March? March is somewhere between winter and spring in the northern hemisphere, and it’s a great time to visit Jordan – especially if you don’t love hot weather.

March is one of the most popular months to visit Jordan, because of the pleasant weather; gone are the coldest nights in Wadi Rum, but the hottest days of the year haven’t yet arrived either. This is the time of year I visited in 2022, and it was absolutely perfect weather: sunny, warm days and pleasantly cool nights.

Below you’ll find the basics of what Jordan weather in March is like and how to prepare for it. I’ve also included travel tips and a few special events that happen in Jordan during March, to help you make the most of your time in the country.

This post was originally published in March 2023, and was updated most recently in January 2024.

Average Temperatures in Jordan in March

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In March, Jordan says goodbye to cold rainy days, and says hello to warm long days. Don’t be so quick to drop off your jacket from the packing list, though. Jordan weather in March definitely is more pleasant, but you can have a couple of chilly days here and there during your stay.

Temperatures range between 43°F (6°C) and 63°F (17°C ) in Amman. The further south you go, the warmer it gets. Petra has an average temperature of  64°F (18°C), and Aqaba has a delightful average temperature of 75°F (24°C).

Average Weather in Jordan in March

Like I said before, the March weather in Jordan is comfortable, especially for travelers. Besides the warmer temperatures, the chance of a rainy day decreases from 15% to 9%, and the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy for about 22% throughout the month. 

Does It Ever Snow in Jordan?

I’m pretty sure the last thing you associate Jordan with is snowy weather. Well, in a way, you’re right. While Jordan does experience cold winters and low temperatures, it rarely receives any snow. Still, it can happen, but mainly in areas with an altitude of over 3,300 ft (1,000 m) in the winter months. 

How can this affect your trip? Well, it’s really unlikely to snow in Jordan in March. Snow can fall during the winter months, as it did in Amman in January 2022, when heavy snow brought life to a standstill in the Jordanian capital. 

Travel Tips for Jordan in March

Like in most countries, spring is a great time to visit Jordan. This means you won’t have all the touristy places just for yourself like in February. If you want to avoid crowds, try to schedule your trip for the first weeks of March. 

If you want to save a few bucks, plan your trip for early March. It’s still considered shoulder season, so you’ll find better hotel rates and flight deals.  

Include a stop in Jordan’s northern regions. The valleys become stunning in spring, with wildflowers in full bloom covering as far as the eye can see. 

Since March is a transition month, I recommend adjusting what you pack for Jordan to add a few cool/cold-weather pieces. I never get tired of advising travelers to get Unbound Merino. This brand is a great option for Jordan any season. Their secret? Merino wool is wrinkle- and odor-resistant, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking – all good qualities for a material in a climate where temperatures range a lot from north to south and day to night.

March Events in Jordan

Despite a lot of research, I couldn’t find many events happening in Jordan this March – if you know of any, please let me know so I can add them.

☪️ Ramadan. The main event worth being aware of in Jordan in March is Ramadan, which begins on Sunday, March 10, 2024. While most tourist experiences won’t be affected (or affected much) by locals fasting as part of their Ramadan observation (even those working in the tourism industry), it’s important to be aware that it’s happening so you can understand any disruptions you encounter.

I have an entire guide to visiting Jordan during Ramadan if you’re going to be there during March this year.

👩‍👧 Mother’s Day. Like the United Kingdom, Jordan celebrates Mother’s Day in March (rather than May); in 2024, it will be celebrated on March 21 (different than the U.K., which celebrates it on March 10!). In any case, if you’re traveling with your mom – or if you’re not – be sure to treat her to something special or at least a phone call!

Have any other questions about the weather in Jordan in March, or visiting during this month? Let me know in the comments!

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I fell in love with Jordan after my first visit in 2016; now I love returning to explore more – and writing guides to help you do the same.

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