Visiting Petra in June: All You Need to Know

Want to visit one of the world’s great wonders, the rose city of Petra in Jordan? This is definitely a bucket list destination – and one that I almost feel a trip to Jordan is incomplete without seeing.

With more dramatic (read: hot) weather than May, June is actually part of the less popular summer season for visitors. If you’re planning a trip to Jordan in June, you’ll want to keep a lot in mind – and there’s some specific advice worth knowing about visiting the historic site of Petra.

Below you’ll find a complete but quick guide to visiting Petra in June. I’ve included details on the weather, what to pack, and what to expect during your visit. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments so I can help you have an unforgettable time.

This post was originally published in June 2023, and was updated most recently in April 2024.

Petra Weather in June

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June marks the beginning of summer in Petra – and the weather and temperature will definitely have you believing it! June is typically one of the hottest months in the country, with average high temperatures ranging from 95-104°F (35-40°C) and low temperatures ranging from 64-72°F (18-22°C).

The Petra weather in June is typically warm and sunny. It’s also very dry as rainfall is practically nonexistent throughout the Jordanian summer. 

Petra Open & Closing Hours

Petra is open year-round, but it’s one of the few sites that changes opening hours depending on the season. In June, the site is open from 6am to 6pm, with the last entry at 4pm. 

In addition to opening hours, it’s important to know the length of the day so you can arrange your itinerary in a way that allows you to make the most of your visit. In June, the average length of the day is 14 hours, with the sun rising at 5:36am and setting at 7:44pm.  As you can see, you’ll have plenty of time to explore Petra – you can literally spend all 12 hours that the site is open without ever seeing it at dawn or dusk.

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean your visit is over: don’t forget to book your tickets for Petra By Night, which occurs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 8:30pm all year long.

What to Pack for Petra in June

June in Petra isn’t as hot as July or August, however, there can be a sudden dramatic spike in temperatures. It’s therefore important to wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the heat during your trip. I have a Jordan packing list just full of what you need to bring to be as comfortable as possible; for what to wear, go for lightweight, breathable clothing in light colors to help keep you cool.

First of all, bring sunscreen. Also, pack a hat and sunglasses for additional protection from the sun. Since Petra is explored on foot, bring a pair of sturdy shoes – closed-toe shoes are great to protect your feet from the rocky terrain – or hiking boots if you own a pair.

Other Considerations for Visiting Petra in June

Besides packing the right clothes, there are a few other important considerations to keep in mind when visiting Petra in June:

  • June is a great month to avoid crowds. Summer isn’t a popular season to visit Jordan as the night temperatures drive most travelers away. This means you’ll have all the touristy sites to yourself. 
  • Be mindful of the heat. The hot weather can be quite intense, so be sure to take breaks in the shade, drink plenty of water, and listen to your body.
  • Arrive early for a more enjoyable day. I advise this for every month, but it’s especially smart to start your day in Petra early if you want to avoid the heat of the day. You can reasonably spend from 6am-12pm or 2pm visiting the site, then escape back to your hotel to cool off before visiting for Petra by night.

Have any other questions about how to visit Petra in June or what you need to plan for? Let me know in the comments below!

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I fell in love with Jordan after my first visit in 2016; now I love returning to explore more – and writing guides to help you do the same.

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