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Visiting Petra in March: All You Need to Know

Want to visit one of the world’s great wonders, the rose city of Petra in Jordan? This is definitely a bucket list destination – and one that I almost feel a trip to Jordan is incomplete without seeing.

March is one of the most popular months to visit Jordan, and this means there are some important considerations when planning a trip to Petra during this month. As the weather is changing, there are also some pro-tips you can learn from my experience to help you have an unforgettable experience at this bucket list destination.

Below you’ll find a complete but quick guide to visiting Petra in March. I’ve included details on the weather, what to pack, and what to expect during your visit.

Petra Weather in March

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Ahh, Petra in March. The flowers are starting to bloom, the days are getting longer, and the sun is shining brighter than ever before. 

March is an ideal month in Jordan, temperature and weather-wise. Petra’s temperature fluctuates between lows around 42 °F (6°C) and highs around 66°F (19°C). One special aspect of weather in March is that you can have added temperature fluctuations due to the “khamsin”, a hot southerly wind that occurs in the spring and causes dangerous sandstorms. 

You may experience slightly cloudy days during your stay, and, though March isn’t a rainy month, you can experience a few showers here and there. On average, rain falls on only four days this month, and usually doesn’t amount to much. 

Petra Open & Closing Hours

While Spring is the best time to visit Jordan in general, visiting Petra in March still requires a bit more planning. Mainly, because, as a transition month, March days will be shorter or longer depending on whether you visit in the first fortnight or the second. And the length of the day has a direct impact when you’re visiting a site like Petra, which changes opening and closing hours by season. 

The average length of the day is 12 hours in March in Petra. On the first day of the month, the sun rises at about 7am and sets at about 6:30pm. On the last day of March, the sun rises at 6:30am and sets at 7pm. As you can see, the length of day gradually increases by approximately an hour – that means more time to explore Petra! 

(As an aside, as of 2023, Jordan no longer observes Daylight Savings Time – so the clocks don’t change in March!)

During the winter season (which ends on March 29th), the Petra site is open from 6:30am to 4pm. While this isn’t as long as during the summer months (6am to 6pm), I have the same advice regardless of the season: wake up early. This is the best way to take advantage of your visit to Petra. The Nabatean Kingdom is explored on foot, which means you’ll be doing a lot – and I mean a lot – of hiking. By waking up early, you’ll have extra time to take breaks and even spend more time on each site. 

Oh, don’t forget about Petra By Night, which occurs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 8:30pm all year long.  

What to Pack for Petra in March

Layers. That’s the name of the game when packing to visit Petra in March. As a transition month, temperatures fluctuate, even during the day. 

Mornings and nights are on the cool side, so you’ll need a jacket to bundle up. Of course, a pair of sturdy shoes are a must. Rain rarely occurs, but still, a little precaution never killed anybody. So bring an umbrella or a rainproof jacket if it packs down small.

Also, it’s wise to bring sun protection. The sun’s rays are starting to increase, and, let me tell you, the sun is merciless in Petra. Bring shades, a hat, and sunscreen if you want to avoid being sunburned.

If you want other tips on packing for your Jordan trip, I’ve got you covered!

Other Considerations for Visiting March in March

As I said before, spring is a fabulous time to visit Petra. But you’re not the only one who thinks so; schedule your trip early in the month to avoid crowds. Consequently, crowds are getting bigger and bigger as the month goes by. 

Spring is the most expensive time to visit Petra. So the earlier you book your flights and accommodation, the better. If you travel in early March you can find pretty good deals as some places still have shoulder season rates. 

Also, notable for 2024, the holy month of Ramadan begins in March, starting on March 10th in 2024. During this month, Muslims engage in a series of religious practices that change the country’s rhythm and lifestyle. Visitors are not expected to observe these practices; however, certain religious practices will interfere with the normal functioning of the tourism industry, so just temper your expectations to respect the religious practices of your hosts and you’ll be fine. (I have a full guide to visiting Jordan during Ramadan if you want more advice.)

Have any other questions about visiting Petra in March? Let me know in the comments below!

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