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9 Cute Women’s One-Piece Swimsuits for the Dead Sea

When it comes to packing for Jordan, most travelers (especially women) have a lot of questions. Jordan is a predominantly Muslim country, and is quite conservative – so what are the social norms and standard rules… and do those apply to travelers?

Jordanians are generally quite understanding and accommodating to visitors, which is why the country is renowned for its hospitality. However dressing conservatively (especially as a woman) is always appreciated and means you’re less likely to get a sidelong look. This includes at the Dead Sea, though most resorts don’t dictate any dress code since so many people at the Dead Sea are visitors.

10 Days in Jordan - Valerie floating in the Dead Sea

In any case, I’ve always chosen to dress more conservatively even when visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan. I usually stick to a one-piece suit, and have pulled to gether a collection of my favorite cute suits that are perfect for staying appropriately covered up but still Instagram-worthy.

Read on for tips on what to wear to the Dead Sea (as a woman) and the cutest one-piece swimsuits for the Dead Sea that you should pack.

What to Wear in the Dead Sea

Before we jump into the list, let’s explore a few considerations you may consider before purchasing the swimsuit you want to wear in the dead sea. 

Tip #1: Modesty is Still Appropriate & Appreciated

As you may know, Jordan is a Muslim majority nation. While they don’t expect tourists to embrace their values and practices, they do expect travelers to respect them. Having said this, you may want to avoid swimsuits that are too revealing during your stay at the Dead Sea.

Tip #2: Bright Swimsuit Colors Can Fade

Before you splurge on that ruby red swimsuit, let me tell you one thing: the Dead Sea’s waters are pretty harsh on colored fabrics. The Dead Sea’s high salinity has no mercy and will quickly take a toll on your bright-colored swimsuit, leaving it looking washed out.

Tip #3: Dead Sea Mud Can Stain Your Suit

Swimsuits for the Dead Sea - Dead Sea Mud in two hands

While your skin will look plump after slathering it with mineral-rich mud, your swimsuit won’t meet the same fate. Like the water, Dead Sea mud also has high salt concentrations, staining your bathing suit. Just keep this in mind if you decide to take advantage of the opportunity to do a mud mask when you’re enjoying a day at the Dead Sea.

The Best One-Piece Swimsuits for the Dead Sea

Okay, now ready to dive into the best one-piece swimsuits for the Dead Sea? Here are my favorites!

1. Rainbow Lace Deep-V One-Piece Swimsuit

If you’d like a sober swimsuit with the perfect touch of color, you may want to check out this Rainbow Lace Deep-V One-Piece Swimsuit. It features a high-cut design with a v-neck with a flattering colorful criss-cross tie. 

The back’s design is the same V-shape with a colorful criss-cross tie. The swimsuit has an excellent fit and is tall enough without tugging everywhere. Plus, it also comes with adjustable straps and padded bras. 

Swimsuits for the Dead Sea - Rainbow Lace Deep-V One Piece

2. Tropical Long-Sleeve One-Piece Swimsuit

The Tropical long-sleeve one-piece floral monokini is one of the best swimsuits for the dead sea if you want to protect yourself from the sun while still looking fashionable. 

The model comes with long sleeves featuring a special fabric that prevents the sun rays from passing through. It has a front zipper, so you don’t have to be a contortionist to take it off. Another pro is that it’s super easy to get in and out of this swimsuit – even when it’s still wet. 

Swimsuits for the Dead Sea - Rash Guard Shirts

3. Prism Palm Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit

The 80s fashion trends have made a huge comeback in the past years. A full-piece bathing suit is one of them! La Blanca has designed this gorgeous one-piece swimsuit that screams vintage: the patterns, the glistening colors, the high leg.

Best of all, this swimsuit does not compromise comfort for style. The torso is long enough for tall ladies, and the design covers any worry spots while enhancing your natural curves. It also has sewn-in molded cups for extra support while you’re swimming.

Swimsuits for the Dead Sea - La Blanca swimsuit

4. Racerback High-Cut One-Piece Swimsuit

Speaking of the 80s, you can take inspiration from one of the biggest shows whose characters wore swimsuits pretty much all the time: Baywatch

While it’s not the exact same model, this Racerback High-Cut One-Piece Swimsuit does a pretty good job reproducing that sporty and sexy look. The swimsuit features an all-black design with a delicate white lining contouring the top. The swimsuit’s back features a deep racerback style.

Finally, the black lining fabric adds a touch of luxury to the swimsuit.

Swimsuits for the dead sea - binded cheeky

5. Halter Plunge Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

50s-style swimsuits are a perfect alternative to wear in the Dead Sea. They’re fashionable, comfortable, and provide just the right amount of coverage.

This CUPSHE Women’s One Piece Swimsuit boasts the iconic halter V neck style and ruching on the sides. The design is flattering all around. It comes with removable padded cups and tummy control padding. Also, the material has a lot of give, so it is not as tight as other swimsuits.

Last but not least, you can adjust the hater top to your liking. 

Swimsuits for the dead sea - cocktails away swimsuit

6. Cap Shoulder Retro One-Piece Swimsuit

If you want cute, sporty swimsuits for the Dead Sea or do any kind of watersports, do yourself a favor and buy this Cap Shoulder Retro One Piece.

This stylish suit has an excellent fit. Its high neck sleeveless design makes your body look slender. It also keeps the sun off sensitive areas. The printed pattern on the sides creates a nice waistline. It also features a front zipper for easy opening and closure. 

Swimsuits for the Dead Sea - sleeveless printed surfing suit

7. Color Block Tie Side Wrap One-Piece Swimsuit

CUPSHE also has this flattering and eye-catching swimsuit. The selling point of this swimsuit is the details. It has a stunning plunge neck, a bowknot on one side, and lovely color blocks. It also comes with higher cut sides and a lot of coverage on your back.

The fit is perfect and suits different shapes and sizes. The chest area features removable padded cups for extra comfort and support.

Swimsuits for the Dead Sea - Bowknot bathing suit

8. Tropical Swimdress

This tropical swim dress is the most practical alternative. You can wear it from your resort to the beach and vice versa without a separate “coverup.” The design features a pleated and flowy skirt, which looks very flattering and elegant. 

The built-in skirt provides adequate coverage – it flares enough not to show panty lines but is not too bulky. Its torso features ruched waist details, gives great tummy control, and has a slimming effect. The only drawback is that the straps are not adjustable, so if you have a long or short torso, you have no way to adjust for that.

Swimsuits for the dead sea - tropical swimwear

9. High Waist Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit

Eomenie offers this Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit for the ladies who want a comfortable and fashionable swimsuit. This item boasts a classic look, with a stunning cutout design on the front and back that adds the perfect touch of flirtiness. 

The swimsuit also has a tie knot on the back and adjustable shoulder straps to fit your body. Similar to other designs, this one-piece comes with non-removable chest pads, slimming tummy control, and a ruched design on the sides to create a waist illusion. 

Swimsuits for the Dead sea - Control waisted swimsuit

Hopefully, these one-piece swimsuits for the Dead Sea make it clear that you can buy something that’s more conservative and still super cute! Have any questions or a different suit you want to wear? Let me know in the comments.

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