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5 Incredible Wadi Rum Tours from Petra

Jordan is a country full of incredible sights, but two of the top ones are undoubtedly Petra, the lost-now-found city, and Wadi Rum, which I consider to be Mars on Earth. I think everyone who visits Jordan should see both these sights, as they’ll both leave an indelible mark on your memories from visiting Jordan.

It’s common to visit Wadi Rum after Petra; this is what I did during my first trip to Jordan in 2016. I remember the long, beautiful drive from Petra to Wadi Rum and arriving in the sprawling desert in the afternoon after a morning among the ruins of the Rose City. It’s very possible to take a Wadi Rum tour after visiting Petra, as I did.

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As you plan your Jordan itinerary, you might search for specific tours that take you from one site to another – from Amman to the Dead Sea, or from Petra to Wadi Rum. In this post, I’ll cover the latter: Wadi Rum tours from Petra. As you’ll see, this isn’t exactly what these tours offer, but below I’ve found the best options available to visit both Petra and then Wadi Rum. Read on to see your options to visit Wadi Rum from Petra and find the perfect one for your trip.

1. Petra & Wadi Rum Day Trip from Amman

Wadi Rum from Petra - Trucks driving in Wadi Rum

This is one of the top Wadi Rum tours from Petra for travelers who want to fully discover two of Jordan’s treasures in just one day – with hotel pickup in Amman. 

This 16-hour tour begins at Petra, the capital city of the ancient Nabatean kingdom and one of the New 7 Wonders of the world. Upon arrival, you’ll enter Petra through the Al-Siq, the narrow gorge that ends at the beautifully carved temple Al-Khazneh. Then, you’ll explore Street of Facades, Royal Tombs, and Pharaoh’s Castle at Petra.

After you’ve explored Petra’s highlights, you’ll head to Wadi Rum, the breathtaking desert whose towering cliffs, intimidating canyons, and miles of burning rusty sand have drawn film crews of movies like Laurence of Arabia and Rogue One. In your stop at Wadi Rum, you’ll embark on an adventurous 4×4 safari ride through the desert and visit several sites, including the Nabatean Temple.

To recover after your jeep tour, you’ll stop at a picturesque Bedouin camp for a refreshing cup of Arabic tea or coffee prepared by the locals. This unforgettable experience ends with you gazing upon a breathtaking sunset across the silky desert plains.

This tour doesn’t include entrance fees nor meals, so be sure to carry extra money to cover these expenses. 

2. Day Tour to Petra & Wadi Rum from Amman

Wadi Rum from Petra - People Standing on a Rock Arch in Wadi Rum

If private tours are your thing, then this is one of the best Wadi Rum tours from Petra you’ll find. In a sense, this day tour offers the option to customize it: you can choose to include only a transfer to the spots and decide how to explore them on your own, or you can book the full package. If you choose the latter, here’s what you’ll enjoy:

Once you arrive at Petra, you’ll spend two hours with a local guide who will take you around the main sights of the Rose-Red City and tell you all about their history. Then you’ll be invited to enjoy a rich meal full of Jordan’s traditional dishes before heading to Wadi Rum.

The Wadi Rum stop includes a two-hour jeep ride with a local Bedouin driver that will take you to see the Nabataean temple and the Lawrence spring, named after the famous film Lawrence of Arabia. You’ll also visit the Red Sand Dunes, where you can climb up and enjoy the desert views, and the Khazali Canyon to see ancient rock inscriptions.

3. Petra and Wadi Rum One Day Tour from Aqaba 

Wadi Rum from Petra - Looking Out from Under a Rock Arch

Many travelers choose to visit Jordan’s landmarks from Aqaba, so here’s one of the best tours to Wadi Rum and Petra that depart from the port city. 

Like the tours that leave from Amman, this eight-hour tour takes you from Aqaba to Petra first. The stop at Petra lasts three hours, and visitors are free to explore the Al-Khazneh, walk among the rock-cut tombs, theatre, and discover other monuments of the ancient city.

After you’ve soaked up all the beauty of Petra, you’ll make your way back through the Siq to the visitors center, where the driver will be waiting to take you to a local restaurant. From there, you’ll head to the last stop of the tour, Wadi Rum. 

Yes, you guessed right. As soon as you arrive in Wadi Rum, you’ll jump into a jeep since there’s no better way to know this desert. The jeep tour will take you to discover the canyons, cliffs, dunes, and ancient rock glyphs of Wadi Rum.

This day tour includes all your admission fees and lunch. 

4. Petra & Wadi Rum One Day Tour from Aqaba

Wadi Rum from Petra - A Sand Dune and Towering Rock Formations Beyond

If you’re in Aqaba, this is another one of the Petra to Wadi Rum tours you can book.

The highlight of this tour is the amount of time you have to visit Petra. Unlike most tours that offer 3 hours, this one lets you spend 7 hours in the Red-Rose City. 

During your first two hours in Petra, you’ll see the main sights with a local guide. After that, you’ll be free to revisit the spots you liked the most or discover less traditional highlights of the ancient city. If you’re up for a challenge, you can hike up to The Monastery. Also called al-Deir, it is Petra’s largest monument, and you have to climb 850 steps to discover it. Another option to visit is the Royal Tombs, a series of large mausoleums carved on the Jabal al-Khubtha.

Before heading to Wadi Rum, you’ll go to a restaurant to enjoy a rich meal and recharge your batteries. The adventure in Wadi Rum starts with a two-hour jeep tour through the desert and finishes with the view of a vibrant sunset.

The entrance fees for Petra and Wadi Rum, as well as the lunch expenses, are included.

5. Private Full-Day Aqaba Excursion to Petra and Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum from Petra - Camels Walking in Wadi Rum

Last one on the list of Wadi Rum Tours from Petra!  This is an excellent option for travelers looking for private tours to Wadi Rum and Petra from Aqaba. 

Your driver will pick you up and take you to Petra, driving along the beautiful Aqaba shore. Upon arrival, a private guide will meet you and take you to Al-Siq by horse. From there, you’ll walk to the Al-Khazneh, and other attractions while your tour guide shares the history behind the Nabateans and the ancient city of Petra.

If there’s some free time left, you can climb up the Monastery or the High Place of Sacrifice located on the Jabal al-Madhbah, where Nabatean priests used to perform religious rituals to make sacrifices to their gods.

Once you’ve finished touring Petra, it’s time to head to the Wadi Rum Desert. There, a local Bedouin will be waiting to take you on a two-hour jeep ride where you’ll absorb the beautiful scenery. Before traveling back to Aqaba, you’ll be invited to sip mint tea and relax in a Bedouin tent.

This tour includes admissions fees to Petra and Wadi Rum, but it doesn’t include lunch expenses.

While there aren’t any specific Wadi Rum tours from Petra, as you can see it’s easy to find tours that go to Petra first and then Wadi Rum. These are a good way to tour both Wadi Rum and Petra in a single day. Have any questions about these Wadi Rum tours via Petra from Amman or Aqaba? Let me know in the comments!

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